Salt and being a parent

So this past week at church we were talking about being salt.  During last weeks prep, I was taken by the way that Dietrich Bonhoeffer reminded us that there is no choice on the part of the disciple weather or not he or she woudl like to be salt.  There was no opt out clause when signing up for discipleship that says that you would like to be bland or Luke warm.  Rather we are salt, we have flavor, like it or not.  It then becomes our role to add that flavor to the world around us.  If we don’t do this and we lose it, we are not true disciples.   He then goes on to talk about the way we are then cast aside.

Yesterday was Eden’s 5th birthday and I was thinking about the ways that she has grown.  She is an awesome kid.  She is creative, smart, beautiful, funny, compassionate and very spiritual in her own 5 year old way.  Continue reading “Salt and being a parent”

Announcements via Insert Image


There are some things that get at the heart of the conversations that are had in the church office. One of the things is how to get the word out about all of the things that are going on. This,, comic strip is from a guy who is a graphic designer that works at a church and then has a comic about the things that happen. There is one about a social media meeting that is also really great. As we have just come off of a weekend full of goings on, and this week is going to be the launch of small groups, sunday school and getting back into full swing church it speaks truth at FP. I thought all of my church folk would get a kick out of it. Thanks for passing it on Jeff. IF you would like to share effective ways that you get the word out about what is happening in your congregation please share them here. Thanks and ENJOY!

10 things

This past week I was at a meeting of pastors in our area.  I don’t know if it is the drive to Fulton, MD or fact I have to wake up early, or just being at “headquarters” but i often leave a bit depressed about the conversation that happens.  I hear friends talk about the hardship of ministry and I get a bit glum.  I feel extremely blessed to be a pastor.  Yes, ministry is hard, and we have to think outside of the box.  But i couldn’t think about doing anything else. So i thought I would put together 10 quick reasons I love my job (calling)

10. I get to meet some really awesome people

9. No day is like any other

8. I know God more fully through conversation with my congregation.

7.  I get to plant seeds and invest in others. Just like so many wonderful people did for me.

6.  I have a job when so many don’t.

5. Faithpoint is willing to experiment and take risks.

4. I get to encourage others in their faith.

3. two words: “Youth ministry”  young people rock

2.  I love being a part of the Faithpoint story.

1. I GET PAID TO TELL OTHERS ABOUT GOD!!!! Seriously, how ridiculous is that!!!

Hopefully I remember to do this next month because it is fun to reflect on how awesome ministry is.

Share your story

This week in worship at Faithpoint we are continuing our series on being the “Good News in the Neighborhood.”  We are going to be in conversation this week about the way that we are able to see the world in a new light because of the love that God has poured into us through Christ.

As a backdrop of this we are going to be taking a look at the life of the Apostle Paul (who was once Saul), and the way that he literally had new vision of the world after Christ came into his life.  Because of Paul’s powerful story, one he shared with many, others came to know the life giving gift of God’s grace for their lives.

We all have awesome stories to tell.  Some of the stories are really exciting like a 007 film or they rival a trip into Middle Earth.  Other stories are far more subdued.  They are gradual stories of the way God has chipped away at us.  This would be like my story.  For a long time I was bummed I didn’t have a burning bush, talking donkey (Balaam), or a prophetic Chi Latte.  In time I have come to see that even my story is one that needs to be told because it connects with people who are longing for God.  YOU have a story people need to hear.  You can be just what someone needs at just the right time.

Below is a tool that looks at the life of Paul and helps us write down our story so that we can tell others about the way that God is moving in our world.  I would suggest that the conversation begin with listening to the story of the others you are in relationship with.  Then, after listening without an agenda and getting to know them, it is your turn to talk about your story.  I hope you will be blessed with this tool.

If you use it I would love to hear your story.  Share it with me via email or over a cup of coffee.


Participate..join in


So today I was making good on my goal of reading more and happened to be reading Andrew Roots new book (well one of them) about theology and student ministry.  Here he made a really great point about what the point of youth ministry is.  I would say that this conversation would just about be a 1:1 correlation to ministry in general. 
Here he talks about the desire of well minded ministers and youth workers to want to be everything for their congregation.  That the personal taking on the pastoral roll has a tendency to think that it is up to them to change the person. 
Root then reminds the readers that when we try and rush God’s will and forget that God has a hand in all of this too (in fact God has been moving before we even got involved). Then we should be willing to understand that we are not called to change, convert, or mold the congregation, but rather participate in what God is already doing.  So think about Abraham for a little bit.  He tries to rush things and knocks up Hagar to have Ishmael.  The thinking was Abraham and Sarah were too old and God better speed things up.  Then Isaac comes along and they realize that it is in our brokenness, meekness, or our “it’s not Me-ness” (humility for you church people playing at home) that God acts.  This is to perhaps remind us that God is God and we don’t have to be.  What we do have to be is willing to accept the invitation to be in relationship and partner with God in bringing about the kingdom. 
This weekend I am preaching on sharing our faith.  WE are called to partner with what God has been doing for thousands of years and tell our little piece of the story and how we fit into the bigger story.  When we find ways to tell the story we invite others to see the awesome way God convicts, and transforms us into those people we were made to be.  It isn’t about us and how well we debate, argue or bludgeon others to see it our way, rather it is about how well we invite others into the story that we are enfolded in to.