A couple of new goals

So I haven’t posted for sometime now because of a number of things that have come up in the Bishop house (say a new baby and new church).  However after some vacation time a couple of weeks ago I promised myself that I was going to try and do 2 things on a more frequent basis (blog and read the books I want to read).  This personal goal was set when I was able to read a couple of books on vacation and I has forgotten how nice it is to read even in the 5 minutes of down time you have while children are content or napping (rather than looking at facebook or twitter for those 5 minutes)
So with this i am hoping to see some more activity on here as well as some really cool new changes on the church’s website and some other things on the digital frontier.  So, with that I will hopefully be back soon with some new stuff like reflections on ministry, life, and the connections that are made in my mind while I continue to see God working in this world.