Bring on the party

princess room

Tomorrow is party time for Eden. I can’t believe that she is going to be 4!!!  Where has the time gone.  I wanted to post a pic of the awesome job Katie did to make the house look great.  We even have a glass slipper on a pillow that goes with the princess dresses and castle.  Katie is so creative.   

Spiritual Age

The other day at a training there was a comet that was made by our district superintendent

there is no old age in spiritual growth

I thought that this was a great quote and something that we forget about.  We have to be willing to share our story because our faith and its effects on our lives is something that we have to pass down.

What are some of the ways that you and old can share the impact of their faith on their lives and find common ground?

Children’s Ministry Catalog

children-min-fall-2011I am working on cranking out our up to date children’s ministry catalog.  I was going with the same look and feel as the youth one to keep continuity between the ministries.  I like the way the cover came out.  Now for the not so fun part of adding the content :-/ oh well.  I think I am going to try and add some fun elements and coloring pages in this one. 

What could we put in the catalog (besides stickers, that will be for next time) that would be fun for kids?

Coloring pages and maybe a word search?