Iphone SLR?

Wow, I know Iphone poeple are all about their phones and claim they can do it all, but i think that this is a little much to prove a point. 

When is enough enough and you just carry a full sized camera with you?

Oh well it is fun and I am betting that real DSLR’s are going to move more in the direction of the smart phone with the apps and effects. interesting what the phones have done to the photo world. 

The $190 iPhone SLR Mount. Wait, What? | Popular Photography

Hannah In Haiti

Take a look at our Hannah!! I am so excited for the work and ways that God is moving in our Annual Conference with our young adults.  Hannah Starnes Ewald, who serves as a worship leader with her brother Jake at MUMC’s Wednesday evening service, The Gathering, is in Haiti right now serving and leading a Vacation Bible School for children.  The young adult team is doing 2 VBS’s for a ton of kids. 

I wanted to post about the awesome stuff that they are doing because I would love for all of you to continue to keep her and the team in your prayers. 

Also Hannah took 25 of the pillowcase dresses that MUMC members made to give the children during her visit.  Way to Go.  I know that the work she is doing and the sewing that church members did will go beyond this week and the lifetime of the dresses and leave a lasting mark on the children, families and community that they connect with. 


Check out the teams blog and daily trip updates!

Hannah’s 2nd Day | BWC Young Adult Haiti Mission Trip 2011


Hannah’s 2nd Day

Well hello to all! I am reporting from outside our compound after finishing a lovely dinner of cheesy pasta and bean salad. This morning we walked to a local Haitian church. Arriving a little late we found the church locked but made our way over with the others. Everyone was listening to the service, whether you were one of the 500 inside, or the 25 outside on a bench. Breakfast included toast with pb&j and MANGO- real mango. Yum yum yum. Then we headed up to the local beach, about an hour and a half away. For the first time since we’ve been here I saw a really home, in my perspective that is. We visited another village where the next VBS will be held. Again, the children loved my bracelets. Just before the beach we visited a mountain top where those killed in the earthquake were buried. Crosses and flowers filled the side. As we got back on the taptap we said a prayer. I cannot imagine going through that tragedy. The trip concluded with a beautiful beach resort. We all can admit to judging a book by it’s cover, and that’s what I did coming in. But despite the devastating poverty in this country, Haiti is beautiful. No matte how much pain these people feel, how much money they have, or what’s for dinner the faith these people have is incredible and inspirational. Seeing the children is the best part of my day. VBS starts tomorrow and I’m very excited:) love miss you all. Bonswa!

xoxo hannah

Ministry tool: Dropbox

dropbox For the past little while we have been using dropbox form some of the specialized minsitry things that we are doing at work.  We have used it for youth tings or for setting up oour wednesdsy evening service worship outlines and videos.  More recently we have set it up for the office to work on documents that a number of us colaborate on.  I think it has been really great.

If you don’t know what Drop box is, it is a way to share files on mutiple computers or divices and with other people.  I have dropbox on my laptop, ipod and old desktop.  When i change a file in one pleace or add a file on one divice they all sync and i have then in all of the locations.  Also, you can access your dropbox files online.  So if you forgot a file or need one and don’t have your computer with you, it is all good.  Just log onto dropbox.com and sign in.  like magic all of your stuff is there to download, print or share. 

all of this is great, but if you work with a team on projects there is even greater power.  You can share folders with folks that will allow everyone to have the most up todate working documents and files.  There is no more wondering if the file you have is the most current or sending 8000 emails back and forth with little changes.  It is all in one place.  And if someone messes up/makes and unwanted changes or deletes a file, dropbox keeps previous versions so that you can recover old documents or undelete others.  It is really cool, super easy and a huge time saver and frustration saver. 

But wait there is more…all of this is free. oyu get 2 gb of stoage free.  This is more than enough for what I use it for.  Check it out and play around with it.  Then share it with your team.  What is there to loose?  Click the link below and try it right now!!!


Give Dropbox a try (its free!!)

My past week

This past week I was at summer camp with 65 AWESOME young people.  Camp is always one of my favorite times of the year and I am always blown away by the connections that are made, the friends that emerge and the fun that is had by all.  Camp this year was different in that we went into it knowing that we were going to experiment with a number of different things.  There was a ton of things that went well, some things that we will not do again and a number of things that I think we can tweak for next time.

All in all I know the kids had a great time and I am going to post some things that are some of my personal leanings and reflection from camp.  So stay tuned.