Next Christians (in progress)

I am reading another book for the Blogging ofo Books program that I am involved with.  This is actually the very first non Mark Batterson book that I am read.  It is entitles The Next Christians by Gabe Lyons.  he is the author of the very good book “Unchristian.”  I am loving this book so far but it is taking me a lot longer than i thought to read it because it is so darn rich with content.  Lyons writes about the emmergance of a new kind of Christian that has a vision for the restoration of the Christan faith.

If you are a church leader pick this book up now rather than waiting on me to finish it.  There is a ton of stuff going on a t work right now for me and I have 3 other books (one month to live, communicating to teenagers, momentum for life…and the Bible) I am plowing through right now in my spare time.  I am also devouring new church development stuff on the web too.

I will post a review when I am finished, but hold tight.  Thanks

Faith Lab: The Talk (Part 3)

Like the games, music and lyrical theology will speak volumes to the students.  This past week I have broken out my Metallica, Deftones, Red Hot Chili Peppers and other hard rock cds because I got a hankering from a youth ministry podcast that has had Metallica playing for the past couple of weeks as their intro music.

This is not a bad thing necessarily, but I have just thought that it is ironic that I have been hitting these bands harder than usual on my iPod because of a youth min. podcast when so many church folk would avoid it like the plague. Continue reading “Faith Lab: The Talk (Part 3)”

Finding Snow

The other day (remember when it was like 70 degrees) Seth and I went for a bike ride in the watershed.  The thing that we didn’t think about was that the watershed is just about the only place in the tri-county area that still was covered in about 4 inches of snow.  It made it really hard to bike.  It was a mess of a ride and we gave up after an hour (only like 4 miles because i started the computer late).

There was about a 3 inch path of hard ice we could ride on and if we got off of that even a bit we were in the “powder”.  This usually meant dismounting after spinning our tires for a bit.  As Seth said when I asked him if he thought the ride was worth it, “It was an experience.”  I will just add this to the list of ideas I didn’t really fully think through.

IPhone Lens

iphone-telephoto-lensI had heard rumblings about a telephoto lens for the iPhone a little while ago, but never looked into it any more than that.  But, while reading some stuff today I found that photojojo is selling these things.  They are crazy. 

I feel like the are the definition of iPhone geekness.  I also think that they are really kind of neat.  That speaks volumes about who I am. 

If you have some spare time go and check it out at Photojojo they have a great slide show and description.  It does make you think about the way photography has changed in the past couple of years. 


Faith Lab: The Talk (pt.2)

n1201556233_30093564_6005This past weekend we had our confirmation retreat.  I was out shopping for supplies for the games last Thursday (the day this post should have come about).  I am playing a little bit of catch up this morning, but also have some reflections coming off of a weekend filled with programming. 

Today we are going to continue our series about “The Talk: how everything is the message.”  The games and activities that we do have a lot to do with the the tone of the evening and can on some level reinforce what is being taught.  Games are a powerful thing that can build up and tear down momentum of an event and the esteem of students. 

The picture included in this post is from a mission trip our church went on.  Each year we have a Ultimate Frisbee tournament with the other groups from around the nation who are doing mission work as well.  This particular year we had a group of students who really wanted to win, and we had another group who might want to play, but were not so good.  I asked the group who was not so good if they wanted to just make another team.  It would be, “a team that didn’t pretend to want to win,” I told them.  The team name would be “The B-Squad”.  The idea allowed the competitive students to play their kind of game and the others to have fun too.  Soon the “B-squadders” adopted some of the less athletic students from other groups who were in the same situation, as well as some older adults and workcamp staff. 

The B-squad was maybe triple the size of the other teams and everyone rotated in every 30 seconds or so (That was part of the ploy to keep the other team guessing).  It was a blast!!

When playing games with students remember the message you are sending.  set up games to support the message.  If you play the games and send the message that winning is everything and then teach about being meek and humble there might be a disconnect. 

For great resources about games, planning games, and leading them so that they build up rather than break the group down check out the work of Les Christie

Throwback Vid

I was looking over some of the videos from the past years and I saw this one.  Does anyone remember what we used it for?  i remember shooting it, but I can’t for the life of me remember where we shot it.  The part with Victoria walking down the hall kind of sums it up, so was there more of a talk afterwards?

The other night Eden and I were going through a couple of more recent youth videos and she saw this one and wanted to play it.  She thought it was so silly and wondered why everyone was wearing those silly clothes. She loved the earrings though.

no matter what we used it for it is a classic.