This past weekend Bill talked about the way that we are called to be reflections of the Glory of God.

The text that he drew from was 2 Cor. 3:18–And all of us, with unveiled faces, seeing the glory of the Lord as though reflected in a mirror, are being transformed into  the same image from one degree of glory to another.

This is the transformation Wesley would have spoken about as being made perfect in love.

As i have been thinking about this over the weekend one question has been striking my mind.

What am I reflecting?

With all of the things that I have on my to-do list, all of the things I consume (being Music, TV and advertising from every angle) what do I reflect.  I have my devotion time in the mornings and some in the evenings if the morning gets away from me.  But i can’t help but ask if that is enough that i would then reflect God throughout my day to everyone that I encounter (both in person and though the various mediums that connect us today.

DO you feel like you are reflecting God’s Glory or something else?

How may you more faithfully reflect the thing you are called to reflect?

Never Know Who’s Lookin

The other day I thought that I thought that I would find some time to get a little time on the water.  I was booked with meetings beginning at 9 and lasting until about 1:30 and then had a chunk of time before I had to be back in the office for another at 7:00.  Knowing that I wouldn’t make it through the evening meeting unless I did something active, I strapped the boat on the Subaru and went down by the river for some park and play.

While I was there I noticed a woman taking pictures and a link to her website.

It must have been a slow day because there are 6 pages of pics.

Psalm 23: remix

I have always been struck by the way that God continues to work in and through my life.  I am constantly rediscovering God’s word and plan for me.  This past weekend we at MUMC were in conversation about how we can rediscover God through the common things in our lives.  The backdrop for the conversation was Psalm 23 or as I called it growing up, the funeral Psalm.

Take a listen/watch and then tell me about some of the ways or scriptures you have been rediscovering…

MUMC Sermon July 18, 2010 from Middletown United Methodist Ch on Vimeo.

Connect With our Workcampers

Email a Workcamper :

Do you know some one who is at workcamp right now????Well then send them a note and let them know they are doing a great job.

We have a group of 20 who have gone off to New Castle, PA to work on houses for a week. They will be painting and scraping, building and demolishing, cutting and nailing.

Our team is made up of Mel Bower, Nick Carter, Taylor Goodie, Carlee Lammers, Samantha Lilley, Casey Lindburg, Kaitlyn Matthai, Amanda Menke, Chrissy Payne, Marina Payne, Nathan Tice, Victoria Tice, Amber Watkins, Evan Wilson, Kristin Wilson, Ladd Bower, Beth Tice, John Tice, Cathy Watkins and Simon Frechette.

Head on over to: and send a word of encouragement to our team.

They are at the New Castle, PA workcamp

Midweek boost

Are you like me and need a mid week boost to get you through till the weekend.  Well this week i have just the thing to help you out.  Check out the sermon from this past weekend from our 8:30 and 9:45 services.  It is our very own Victoria Tice.

She did such a great job talking about scriptures that mean a lot to her.

So, Take some time from your crazy day and get a boost from Victoria

Camp goodness

There were so many powerful moments at camp this year.  I am still on cloud 9 from some of the encounters.  We had people who had communion for the first time, others who said that they felt God in ways they never had thought possible, so much fun in the outdoors and wonderful conversation around the campfire.

Such a cool week…talk to me about coming next year.