“Come and See”…openign doors

What would it take for you to be willing to stake your reputation on the worship experience that you attend?  Would you be willing to take the risk and invite a friend who doesn’t have a faith community to come and see the worship that you go to?  What would they think? Who would welcome them?
When we invite someone to something that is out of their comfort zone it has to be something that you are willing to risk your credibility on. If you talk it up like it is the hottest thing since Twitter and it is completely lame….what are they going to think about your judgment.  If you invite them and the only one that talks to them is you what kind of welcoming congregation is that?  A lot rides on this kind of personal outreach.  What changes would have to be made for you to be willing to say to a friend, “come and see” what my church is doing without having to cross your fingers if it is going to be a weekend that is good or just oh-humm?


Jesus Saved My Soul…Online

     So last night I went to Church in Oklahoma, and I was back for work at 9 today… I encountered online worship for the first real time last night and I don’t know what I think about it.
      Lifechurch.tv is one of the best online churches out there and i decided to give it a whirl. They were talking about Elijah and a couple of friends of mine where logged on so I thought that while I was watching Deadliest Catch. It was an interesting feel because while I was watching Mark preach there were a number of other conversations going on in the chat panel.
      It was a very different experience to be watching a sermon and multitasking like that.  Well maybe that wasn’t the strange part.  Maybe doing it and having everyone else doing it too was the strange thing 🙂 Then toward the end of the service there was a virtual alter call where you could click to raise your hand to accept Christ.  There was a little counter of people who raised their hands and I don’t know how I felt about it.  I really wanted to click the “raise your hand for Jesus” button just to see what happened (if there would be any follow-up with me or anything else.  In the end I was strong and resisted the temptation to get saved again (maybe next time). 
     I am so interested in this internet church idea.  Do you think that there can be just as authentic community online as there is in person?  What does fellowship look like for an internet campus?  Do they have virtual baptisms, funerals, weddings, communion, and potlucks?  I can only imagine a fellowship event of Call of Duty LAN Party or something where participants would blow each other away (with all the love of Christ). 
     What are your thoughts about this internet church thing?

my daughter the dandelion punisher

today we were playing outside of our house and Eden was all about taking out ever dandelion she came in contact with. She took such great joy in whacking the little white seeds off of the plants. She ran over to them with such exciting and then would slap them to death…I am sure our yard will be covered the seed spreading of Eden.
She is so wonderful and always is able to make me stop and slow down and take the greatest joy in the smallest things of life. 🙂

screening a new way of promotion

lastnight i was able to try out my new screen printing toy called yudu. this is a really slick machine that can screen anything that you can get to hold paint. i thought it was going to be somthing tricky to do but now that i have done it once i think i can whip out some really cool stuff for fun shirts. i am interested in the possabiliites of what this could be for church promo stuff. you make your design on the computer and then are able tocreate a screen from the digital art…this is great for me because i am not that artistic. we will see what comes from this

a muddy ride

a muddy ride

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today while the rian was pouring Dainel and i decided it would be a great idea to go ride…and it was. we fell more times in the strangest places than ever before. One time Daniel was able to ride about 6 fee on only his front wheel before faceplanting. I ended up falling off a bunch of rocks and got mud in places i didn’t know i had. yeah it was a great time