Some People’s trash is someone else’s problem

So I have been reading 1 Samuel 2. This is the place where Eli (the priest) has a couple of bad sons that are running amuck around the town. His sons were not only sinning against other people but against God. Their actions the fell upon the shoulders of their father who’s heritage wouldn’t continue in the way that he thought it would. This is where Samuel comes in…
But my reflection today has to do with the sons. Well in this case the trash of the son’s behavior.
For the past couple of days we have had really bad wind at my house. For the past week or so our neighbor’s trash bags have been blowing into out yard. There have been about 4 bags of their trash that have come over to our house.
So what do we do? Throw the trash back over? Keep it and deal? Or just see if the come to pick it up?
I ended up throwing it away today, but I have thought about the way that those bags made our lawn look junky, made more work for us and became our problem.
Think about ways that trash from your life you have paced away. does it ever blow into other people’s lives? What do you do about it?
remember John Wesley tells us to do no harm. We can’t prevent all of the trash that blows around but we can clean up faithfully…

Chili Blowout

last night at youth group we had a ton of fun. There was singing, dancing, praying, and more water consumed than any other youth group in the history of MUMC.
This is because we had our very own Chili cook off. Gary Parker, Jay Menkee, Seth Pilarcik, Rich Posey and Big Papa Tice all entered their creations for the students.
All of the creations were really spectacular and had their own unique flavor. Gary made a spicy organic blend, Rich spiced his up with an optional hot sauce that gave his some zing, Seth made a vegetarian chili (I thought veg. chili was just baked beans but I was proven wrong), Jay had a great all around crowd pleaser, and John made his from a dutch oven.
What a great time. Then after dinner we were able to take part in a cool prayer labyrinth too. such a fun night. 🙂