Chain reaction

So today I HAD to get outside for a little while and go ride.  I didn’t think that I was going to until the sun peeked out and I got the itch. 

I loaded up the bike on to “Thunder” my truck and took off. 
Got to the top of the mountain and took of for a great ride or so i thought.
About 1/4 mile into the ride and my legs were spinning but my ride wasn’t going. 
I had broken my chain and there was nothing but air being kicked.  So I ended up walking back to the truck bike in tow. I was thinking that was God’s little way of telling me I should be working on the youth schedule I have been putting off.
 When I got to my truck I came upon a guy that was just finishing his ride.  I chatted with him about the day and how wonderful the weather was and then told him about my chain. 
Turns out he was a bike mechanic for about 20 years and he was able to patch things up and get me back on the trail with in 5 minutes.  HOW COOL IS THAT 🙂
I enjoyed the ride and then came home energized and ready to do a little work.  So fun. 

Moving mountains

I thought that this was a really neat article
Do we believe the promises that God Has given us with our whole hearts? Do we trust?
We should. Look what God has already done…. Give the whole article a look

Reflecations After a CRAZY weekend

Through the past couple of days it seems like there has been 9000 things that have impacted MUMC in a powerful way and caused us to ask questions. I was getting ready for youth group this week and thought about all of the things that my kids and their families are in the middle of from the events of this past week.

  1. Tax day was the 14th 
  2. We are the community where a quintuple murder/suicide happened and the family was connected with our preschool and day care programs. A huge number of our families were friends of the victims.
  3. 2 youth families lost grandparents 
  4. a house burnt down behind the church as the 11:00 service was ending

there are a number of other things going on as well and I just couldn’t stop thinking about what a trying weekend it has been and the questions that have been raised.  Yesterday the rain was coming down nonstop and I through it was the perfect illustration that “when it rains it pours”. 

So where do we go and who do we turn to when life seems to tip upside down? 

During our trip to the national Cathedral on Sunday I led the confirmands on a prayer walk and we talk about Psalm 121 and the pilgrims journeying to Jerusalem.  Looking toward the city, their prayer was that they were gaining their strength from the One who made it all:

I lift up my eyes to the hills–
from where will my help come? ;My help comes from the LORD,
who made heaven and earth.
He will not let your foot be moved;
he who keeps you will not slumber.
Psalms 121:1-3

Powerful in trying times and comfort…

My devo for LFYM

Why Can’t We Be Friends :

So I am sitting at my desk thinking about this week’s talk at youth group and it is all about forgiveness. Really it is about being able to forgive ourselves and to forgive others.

There was a study done by Group Magazine, the same company as we go on Workcamp with, that said that the top two things that students want our of their youth groups is 1. a welcoming place where they cam be themselves and 2. a place where they can have real meaningful relationships with other teens. Do you think that MUMC is a place like that? Do you think that you help or hinder this becoming a reality for our ministry?

Last night at small group we read 2 Samuel 6:12-23. this passage is all about King David danging wildly and totally being himself before God and all of the people that he was King over. He was dancing in his boxers (and nothing else). This sounds crazy to us, but David was crazy in love with God. Then His wife stopped him and told him he was being a fool. He told her he was being the person God created him to be, he was being himself.

How are you like David, being the person you know God made you to be?

How are you like David’s wife, trying to put down poeple when they are being themselves?

How can you work on building up and not tearing down this week?


I am going to crank out a couple of good posts this week I know it. I have been slackin for the past couple of weeks. I have to get back on the ball. 🙂 I will come this week though.
Down to DC now but I will post when I get in and Eden is in bed for the evening.