Slime time fun

bishop family Last friday we had our Slime time event for families at church and i think that it was very well recieved.ย  It was my first “family” even that i had planed and with a ton of help from Katie we were albe to make it work.ย  I was astounded with all of the great help that our youth gave and the adults that helped wiht crafts and snack, welcoming and orginizing.ย  It was a fun time all around.ย  Cool beans ๐Ÿ™‚

Eden even had a great time.ย  But how couldn’t she with Alyssa and seth watching her.ย  Till next time…

Live Bible Stampede

We got out bible order in yesterday from and there is a great amount of enthusiasm about getting them.  Victoria was bummed that Carlee and Casey got theirs last night after the Cross country meet and she had to wait until today.  In fact at 6:30 this morning at see you at the pole, after a breif hello she said “where’s my Bible.”

It is really net to see our youth so excited about their new bibles. 


I will post some See you at the pole pics later

New way to Blog

Today I found a couple of really neat plug-ins for firefox,including the one that i am using to write this post.  It is called scribefire.  It is hopefully going to make posting a lot easier, and thus allowing me to be more mindful about posting more often.  woot we will see how it goes. 
there are a ton of features that I need to learn but it looks really neat.  Time will tell

once was lost but now found

after days of looking at watches to replace mine that broke a couple of weeks ago, i found on older one that i thought had been lost for good…nice.

Then I found a bluetooth mic that i had and can use with my new cell.ย  though i vow not to be one of othe poeple that wear it everywhere I go (even though that would make talking to myself a little less awkward when i do it in public ๐Ÿ™‚ )