I have awesome kids

So a couple of our students went with a couple of youth workers to creation this past week. And even more people at home were praying that Cathy and Bernie made it through.

Anyway, one day last week a couple of the girls swiped a book out of my office and took it to Creation with them. They then sought out Duffy Robbins, one of the coauthors who was speaking at Creation, and asked him to sign the book for me.

The girls “presented” me with the book on Sunday and i discovered the blessing that he had signed it and I was thought about during Creation.


Lil’ fisher girl

fishing Eden went on her very first fishing trip on Wednesday. We went down to VA in the afternoon for a belated (grand)Father’s day for Katie’s dad. We spent the time outside, fishing, in the pool, and taking a carousel ride and hanging out with family. It was a very good time…but the fish we caught weren’t even big enough for an Eden sized meal. bummer. Oh well it was the effort that counts…i think.

I’ll have to post some more pics a little later.

Took a look at the live Bible

I found a copy of “The Live Bible” at borders the other day.  This is the new bible put out by Group that took a couple of years to compile because of all of the pictures, poems, thoughts, and art submitted by young people.  The pages of this Bible are littered with their work and it is really neat.  I am really enjoying it.  I preached from it last weekend at the Saturday service.  It is a New Living Translation, which seems accessible to most of my youth.

It is very neat.  I want to pass it around to some youth to get their take on it.  also i would love to do something like this for our ministry.  Having kids share their stuff throughout the year and then make like a photo book or something.  Sweetness…

Ice Cream Rollin’

Eden Ice Cream The other night Eden and I thought that it woudl be a great idea to make some ice cream with part of my father’s day present.

Before she was born I got this ice cream ball that you fill with ice and salt in one end and then the ice cram stuff in the other and shake rattle and roll it around to make your treat.

So, after about 30 minutes of playing on the floor right before bed we had a little treat that we were able to share, and we had a great time doing it.

What a great way to spend the evening while mom finished her sermon 🙂

New Gallery Page

I have a new look to the blog because the old theme didn’t let me code it the way that I wanted it to.  So any who, I added a gallery today to show off pics of my fam and some some of my nature photos.

I think that the new look is kind of neat, but I think the added functionality is a great plus.  check it out.