On My Ipod: Jack Johnson upside down and the 3 r’s

I was turned on to the Curious George “Soundtrack” by a woman from church because she said that “It is music that you and your daughter can listen to while still keeping your sanity.” Being as here favorite CD makes me want to fling it off of a bridge I thought I would give it a shot.

Jack Johnson’s great flow and style soothes even the most savage of teething babies, and the dads. I think that this is a blessing to all who have little ones.

shopping cart Grace

After a morning walk at Baker Park, Katie, Eden and I went to the store today to get some much needed groceries to stock the shelves of our empty fridge. Today, were stocked up on a number for different goods that we wouldn’t usually get.  This was because we had a ton of coupons.  Katie’s dad, who works for Giant gets these scratch-off coupons when a donation is made to benefit St. Jude’s hospital.

As we arrived at the checkout the initial total of our purchase was something like $90. And then the magic started.  As the casher scanned our coupons the bill began to shrink.  1.50 here, 3.25 there…and so the story went.  The bill we ended up paying was about $10 for some ice cream and mouthwash (you know the essentials).  Some of the things we left for the food bank, others that were not bank worthy will make their way into youth group games.

As I stood with my daughter in my arms and saw the diminishing tally as the teller scanned coupon after coupon I thought about the way that this is kind of like God’s love for us.  There is so much grace afforded to us that the bill that we rack up amounts to nothing because of the price that God has paid for us. Sure the ice cream and the mouthwash throw a kink in the illustration and make for bad theology, but it was a shopping trip and not a sermon illustration.

All in all, just a reminder of the way that God has made things more manageable for us.

The new Indiana jones Movie

It’s been 19 years since a swashbuckling Indiana Jones smashed through the box office and entertained big screen viewers with his mix of intelligence, sarcasm and action-packed adventure. Though many of today’s teens have never seen the series of Indy adventures their parents came of age watching, Jones’ return in The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull has the potential to change all that.

I can’t wait

Questions for the big wigs

So I had this idea today about Annual Conference and some of the ways that I could bring back some of the important issues to you.  So, as i pack my bags and get ready to head out I thought that I would post this just to see with happens.

If there are any questions that you would like to ask the leadership of the church i would love to hear them so that i could try and find out an answer for you.  The responses may then be from a conversation, e-mail, or i wold really love to set up a time to meet with some people and make a podcast interview (and probably could have if i would have thought ahead).

post comments with your questions and i will see what i can do to get them anwsered.  Also this will give me a mission while I am there.

Connection with Uganda

I just has a very interesting conversation with a pastor form Uganda via Facebook…who would have thought.  Apparently Pastor Samuel works with youth right near the source of the Nile River.  Never in my years have I used Facebook, AIM, or the net in general to have one on one conversation and networking on such a global scale.

It was a truly eye opening experience.  Usually networking to me is getting word out to youth about events or things that we are planning.  This was really neat.

Annual Conference this week

So this week our annual conference is going to be meeting to decide the direction of the church for the coming year.  It should be a good time. there are always great discussions and lively worship.  Oh yeah and some DRAMA.  It is a time where we come together as the connection and get together for what we term as holy conferencing.

It is my hope that i will take some pictures and post them and give my commentary about what is going on…well as much as i can without having to have you bumped off for knowing the inner secrets.

So I hope that there is some fruitful discussion that comes from this.