Rough cut of Safe Sanctuaries policy done

So for the past couple of month a committee at the church has been called together to help develop a Safe Sanctuary policy for our congregation. This is a set of policies and procedures that helps to ensure our children, youth and the adults that work with them are as safe as possible when they are in our building.  Abuse prevention has been a long time coming and a very important thing for our all church congregations.

I just finished a rough draft of the policies that we will be going over on requirements, conduct, reporting and various other forms used by staff and volunteers to prevent a breakdown of trust and abuse in the local church.  I am excited about the progress that we are making on this front…though at times it is tough to keep a positive outlook when hours are spent in Word formatting lines on a pages that will hopefully never have to be used.

This post is light years away from my last  🙂

Delinquent Daydreaming

hammockSo I have not been posting at all in the pas couple of days weeks, and there is a clear culprit at work.  Katie gave me my b-day present early because of the beautiful weather and…well I have been soaking it up.

My wonderful wife purchased for me a Brazilian hammock that I have set up in out backyard with some climbing webbing, and now I hide in there whenever I can.  The first evening I set it up I fell asleep in under 3 minutes.  I have since done sermon prep, youth ministry reading in it as well as spent time with Eden in my new hideout and bonded with the dog.

Simply put…the world would be a better place if everyone had one of these.

My Newest Hiking Buddy


Eden and I took our first real hike today.  We went up in the Watershed and hiked around for about 30 minutes.  We have a way cool backpack that we were given from a family that knew it would be perfect for us.   Needless to say i have been counting the days that she was big enough and praying for the weather to break.  And today was that day.

She loved the hike but fell asleep about 5 minutes from the car on the way back.  Oh well.  Guest some stamina conditioning is in our future.

Fuel: review

Fuel this week was a great worship service with our youth band leading for the first time.  We had a couple of other churches show up and there and a number of students that are not always at youth group.  It was a way fun night.