Safe Sanctuaries

When Jesus was a boy and his parents lost him on a pilgrimage trip.  finally after days of looking they found him in the temple.  What a wonderful thing.  I know that if I were on my own for a couple of days when i was that age I would have been found in the local jail, and most definitely not at church (unless i was able to find a really sweet handrail to skate on).  Nevertheless, there was Jesus in his Father’s house.  A place where he knew he would be safe, secure and out of harm’s way.  He was learning and pushing against the long held traditions while making his faith his own (in more ways than one).  This sacred place was a safe place to learn and grow.  Don’t we owe our young people this much too?

Tonight we are beginning the first of a series of meeting to put in place Safe Sanctuaries Policies that will ensure the safety of the children, youth and those who work with them in our congregation.  In looking at the requirements to be a “Safe Sanctuary” congregation I think that we are already well on our way.  I am excited to be working toward becoming a place where all know that children and youth are able to come and be safe.

The crunch begins…well it has but now i have time to write about it

This Friday…in 2 days we are having our confirmation retreat that we be an awesome overnight and culminate with an awards ceremony right after the 5:00 worship service that we will be leading for the rest of the congregation.  I am so excited about this every year because this is the time when the group bonds and comes together as a real community rather than just a class.  🙂 I predict that from this point on the rest of my week will be a blur and if you try to talk to me on Sunday I will be in a state of walking comatose, but it will be worth it.  I am so excited for the youth and adults that are helping pull this off.  They do such a great job.  Well…I have to go and get the supplies foe Jello blowing.  See you later.

Mark this day

Finally after months of searching i have cleaned my desk to the point that i can see my desk again.  woot 🙂

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Victoria just posted a great article about the little tings that make the biggest difference. It is awesome.

This past week has been pretty relaxing for me. Track just finished and I have more time after school and on the weekends. All this time I now have makes me take a step back and think….I start to see things different because I have more time to process and think about them.

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Youth Worker Meeting last night.

Last night proved to be a fruitful evening of snowy conversation.  We talked about the things that God is doing within our ministry now.  Kicking off the time together with a reading form Acts 2, I feel like we have the electric feeling of the Spirit moving through our youth ministry just like the first century church did.  What a wonderful time to be a part of Life Force youth.  There was great conversation about the leadership of our youth and the way that they continue to impress by stepping up and pushing the ministry to the next level.  What a great time.  I love my time with all of our youth workers.  🙂

Foggy Morning

fogOn Monday morning I was going into the office thinking that it was a beautiful day.  The sky was blue and the birds were singing.  We even had 2 blue birds eating some seeds on our back deck.  Wow what a wonderful start to the day.

As I drove into work over the mountain a very dense fog engulfed the mountain.   The fog was only on the mountain and not on the Middletown or Frederick sides.  Weird.  It was so thick that I couldn’t see more than a few feet in front of my faithful Explorer I lovingly call Thunder.  Continue reading “Foggy Morning”