Chrisbucks…not to be confused with Schrutbucks

steamMove over Starbucks there is a new kid in town.  Katie got me an espresso/late maker for Christmas and yesterday I was able to fire it up.  After a trip to bed, bath and beyond to get a much sought after frothing carafe and hot beverage thermometer I was finally in business.  So far I have mastered the Chi latte, and I have to say that it is head and shoulders above any Seattle based gourmet coffee chain I have tried.  I am looking forward to an eggnog late in the near future.  This little gem is my new jump start of choice.

PS–after a few tries at Google, still no word on if there is a baby latte out there for Eden.  I think that a little steamed formula and a coffee bean would do her good (Just kidding no need to call CPS:-)

A day apart

ccpp1.jpg    Today Katie and I went to the National Cathedral to spend a day in retreat.  This was a wonderful time to get away and just be open to the presence of God.  What a gift!!!  It was though the center of prayer and pilgrimage.  You can check out the center’s site here.  I think that this would be a very cool thing to do with a group of Middletown people.

I cherish the time that I am able to go somewhere and not have to worry about schedules, to-dos and other things that get in the way.

I think that I have always felt a special affinity to quiet and time alone seeking God in the thin places of life, but I through some of the reading and some of the events offered through the conference I feel I am better able to embrace some contemplative practices.

Through centering prayer, prayer walks, journaling and other practices I come out of my prayer time with a feeling of renewed energy and feel that I am ready to take on the day or projects that are looming (including a day elbow deep in diapers).

I am looking forward to to events that are being scheduled year.  I pray that your Christmas time is restful and fulled with joy.

Finding the Beauty in monotony

    I love taking taking pictures.  I love finding things that make us stop and pause or look at things in a new way.  I like taking pictures of my family, my youth group kids playing sports, getting lost in Bermuda because I found a great cove to shoot a sunset…if it jumps out at me I will try and capture it.

I have always thought that this is the most challenging time of year for pictures.  Especially when there is no snow on the ground.  There are no leaves, colorful things…but sometimes there are things that jump out at you and they are right in your back yard if you are willing to slowdown long enough to find it.  This shot was made right where we park our cars…


God’s Meeting With Me

This past week at our FUEL service I said that one of the things that I found to be the hardest part about my leave is that I need to be more intentional about the time that I set aside for God. I love time being quiet and available to God. I feel God moving through me through the silence of life. In the quiet cracks of life I am the most aware of what God is doing through me.

So after saying that I guess God decided to meet me and make room for me in a very obvious way. After a night of Eden duty I woke up and the first thing I saw was this really awesome sunrise. I saw the sky outside of our window, grabbed my camera, and fired off a couple of shots. It was so great and it started off my day so perfectly.



God shows up in the perfect ways even when we aren’t looking… 🙂

Let it Snow

eden and me snowToday was the first snow of Eden’s life. This was such a fun time to bundle her up and go out into the snow. I can’t believe that it took so long to get her dressed. She is so small but layering still takes time. The blessing is that she is in diapers and so that means that when we finally got all of her clothes on we didn’t have to worry about her haveing to go to the bathroom after we got her all suited up.

This was a really fun time and the snow is still falling. I am sure that we are going to have like 100 more photos on the way. 🙂