Bethany is here

20120504bethany bday-DSC_1682On May 4th 2012, the Bishop family’s world was turned upside down again with the birth of Bethany Grace.  Eden and I come home from a preschool beach party with a surprise Thai food lunch for mom.  After lunch Katie said the contractions were getting way worse and closer together.  At 1:00 we made our way to Frederick, and by 1:40 were were seen at the doctor’s office.  Just a few minutes after going in, Katie was brought back out by some wide-eyed nurses just about 10 minutes later.  They told us to go to the hospital STAT (there would be people waiting fir us there).  thanks to some heave traffic we got to FMH a little after 2.  Once there everything went very quickly and Bethany was with us 2 hours later.  We have been so blessed to have great doctors and nurses all along the way.  They have gone above and beyond to make everything great for us.

20120505bethany bday-DSC_1717Eden is being a great big sister.  She is loving holding and caring for Bethany.  She has wanted to spend the night so badly, but spent the first night we were in the hospital with the Posey family and then last night with the Bishops.  This morning Eden is going to Middletown Church where I am sure she is going to be showing off some pictures of “her first baby.”  She is going to be a great helper as we make the transition back to home life.  Now the real question is how the dog is going to feel about all of this.  I brought home one of Bethany’s blankets so he could sniff yesterday.  He then looked at me with eyes that said, “I remember when this happened 30 (dog) years ago.”

A new adventure begins today as we make our way home.


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It is going to be great!!!!!

Proud dad moment

IMG_1584The other week when Katie and I were in the throws of trying to push out some young adult materials for the Conference Young Adult Council, I took a number of pictures of nativity sets from our home. 

I got out the tripod and my nifty 50mm 1.8 lens and started snapping.  Soon I found that I had a very interested assistant who was willing to hold up backdrops, move furniture, and hold lights at just the right angle. 

After she got the hang of it she wanted to shoot some ornaments on our tree for her self.  So we gave her a crack at it and she did rather well.  take a look at some of her shots.  Smile



It was so much fun. next time I think that we are going to try for some sunsets. Smile

my daughter the dandelion punisher

today we were playing outside of our house and Eden was all about taking out ever dandelion she came in contact with. She took such great joy in whacking the little white seeds off of the plants. She ran over to them with such exciting and then would slap them to death…I am sure our yard will be covered the seed spreading of Eden.
She is so wonderful and always is able to make me stop and slow down and take the greatest joy in the smallest things of life. 🙂