Some of my projects

I have been blessed with a number of opportunities to communicate visually via my job and other things that i do to support my girls or through some volunteer work.  The past few weeks have born some rather cool fruit.  Below are a couple of images and design bits I have come up with as well as a link to a Media Club spot that i did the intro for (from a template) it is always rewarding to see something you make come to life and then elicit a reaction from some one else.

New shirts new look

LFYM Flame (3 of 3)

After some time of jingling around in my mind, I finally put design to ink and came up with this logo on a soccer style jersey.  I am really excited about it, and just wanted to share a couple of pictures.

Here is another of my Screening “lab” in the basement. 

LFYM Flame (1 of 3)