Raising the bar: Youth worker Training

youthworker conf


This is sure to be a very great time Stephen Gallaher is an awesome teacher and Kenda (the other keynot) is a wonderful professor and author. If at all possible I am going to be there, but I am slated to teach a youth worker training event for the conference (total bummer). If no one signs up for the class that I am teaching then I am going to be there. Otherwise I am going to send Alyssa with a book for Kenda to sign and a bear hug for Stephen.


Check out their website for more info. Click here


PS: Adults we will pay your way 🙂

What a witness

I came across this video and thought about the way that Mike Yaconelli (though he passed away 4 years ago) still ministers to the deepest depths of my soul. Looks like it is time to reread Messy Spirituality or Dangerous Wonder 🙂 What beautiful and uplifting words from a man of God who just happened to love kids.

The wailing wall…well crib.

So last night was Eden’s first night spending the whole night in her crib (which she really avoids like the plague).  So Katie and I broke down and we are now following the guidance of Eden’s Dr. and making her be a big girl. She did fairly well and I was excited the amount she slept on her own.  If she sleeps on mom or dad’s chest she will be out for the entire night.  But, on her back and without mom and dad is a different story.   we will see how tonight goes, but one of the first things I received upon arriving at the office today was reassurance from a mom that there is an end in sight (she had just celebrated 2 nights of blissful sleep with her little one.)

Ego Check

    Whenever I feel like a great number of things are going my way and that I am a great, wonderful pastor that rocks the socks of any and all congregants I know that a trip to Home Depot will stop all of that prideful foolishness.  Actually this trip to the home improvement universe wasn’t for such reasons, just some floodlights and drain-o, but it sure did the job.

A long time ago when I was young and idealistic I thought that I could navigate this colossal establishment with only the innate sense of direction  every male (thinks he) possesses and a keen ability to read the signs that announce what sort of product the isle contains.

Checking my pride at the door I embarked upon my journey.  I looked for the light bulbs in the lighting section to no avail.  I passed a 75 year old woman talking about putting down hardwood floors in her kitchen by herself.  I made out something about epoxy and a trout and knew I was out of my league.

Finally, asking an associate (who I suspect has a degree from HDU) said “turn around. The isle behind you is all light bulbs.”  With my tail tucked firmly between my legs, sure enough he was right and I found my floodlight bulbs.

The triumph of the trip was that after only 7 mor minutes I found the drain-o.  🙂 woohoo!!

The moral of the story–Your not perfect so don’t pretend, and don’t shop with Chris.

Monday Morning Shift…

After a crazy Sunday filled with preaching, our fuel service, and a bunch of other weekend goodness it it time to focus on this week.  Mondays are always some good time for reflection and an opportunity to start the week of right with some quality devotion time…I think i will find a corner in the sanctuary and get some DEVO in.

More Than Just Getting Wet: Why is baptism so special?

what is baptism Baptism is one of the most powerful and mysterious practices of our church. This sacrament involves being washed by the water and anointed by the Holy Spirit. Personally I know that it must be of God if just reading theology books about it can make me feel the power of the spirit working through me.

I love seeing others be baptized and joining in the response to care for and nurture another of God’s beloved. It is a powerful time for me to baptize another and be blessed with being a part of God’s work in their lives. Baptism is such a beautiful and good thing for our congregation to experience together.

There are so many different facets of this sacrament. All of the gifts that come with baptism allow is to see god in a new light as well. One of the ways that I believe is a powerful way for the Holy Spirit to work though our congregation is to share our story with one another. So, I would love to hear what makes baptism special for you?